Good Things - December 2018

Good things

November was full of "good things", as we were playing catch up and it made it seem like a lot.

Now that we've reached the end of the month and are fully immersed in "The Season"! there have been a few things of note. My favorite, by far, was getting to play at a Wilco tribute hosted by the darn lovely, Stephanie from American Housewife. Pete and I shared the stage with some mighty talent that night and other than a small technical hitch (mostly with my own brain!), we nailed the three songs we chose - Shouldnt Be Afraid. I'm Always In Love, and Taste The Ceiling. Honey turned out to be a pretty great venue also -Sound guy was on point and the audience was some of the best we've played for this year.

The hunt still continues for our bass player, with the last few auditions getting tied up in December. We've had a great time playing rock' n'roll with some excellent players. The thing that has been the most surprising, is how many different playing styles get brought to the table and how many of those make us take a different look at the songs we've played. It's been a really great experience, if just for that!

The Wilco show is the only show we played last month. As a band, we don't actually have anything planned. However, coming up in December I have the wonderful opportunity to perform with Ghost Wagon at their Christmas Bash at Bryant Lake Bowl on December 15th. The Lovely AJ Swenson performed Teenage kicks with me, not only at the My History Of The North show back in June, but also on the recorded version on the album. She helped turn that song into something magical.

I also managed to land a spot at Republic out at the airport. It's kind of crazy that they do live singer-songwriters out there, but I think it's an incredible way to get in front of a entirely new audience. Thats going to be on December 19 - it's not open to the public unfortunately, but I have high hopes for it to be fun and interesting and I'll keep you posted.

Finally, I have decided to do a very quick, Facebook live concert from my very own fireside on the 23rd. It won't cost you a penny, and as long as you've got your computer or mobile device tuned in to my Facebook page, you dont even need to put on pants. I've got a whole bunch of Christmas tunes worked up and together we can get all sloppy sentimental and have an easy, un-pressured holiday sing along together. That'll be 7 p.m. on the 23rd After that, if I don't see you, take care of yourself and don't stress over the holidays

- Use it as a reset... thats what its for. Take a look back at your year - take the misses as great learning experiences, and the wins for the triumphs they are. It's a tough old struggle out there and there isn't one of us that gets it right and remember, there's always next year. Leslie

Leslie Rich