Good Things - January 2019

December was filled with everything. No really, all of it. I had dentist work like dentistry is going out of style (Thanks Boger Dental!), I had a thing removed in a procedure I like to call, “That time I had a lobotomy!” and I ripped my basement apart, down to the concrete. So, therefore, the first good things that come to mind are Mmm Steak!, great hair and a nice clean slate to make the basement an awesome place to create!

Talking of being creative, I was graciously asked to join a really cool band by the name of Good Mitten - An elegant and slightly off kilter, guitar pop band (Unusual in an Americana heavy landscape). It’s been quite some time that I’ve been the only electric guitar player in someone else’s band and it’s sparking some great ideas and building new muscles and neural pathways. We have a show coming up on January 19th and I’m pretty stoked to see what it brings. Plus the songs are just gorgeous.

The Rocket Soul Choir also had a win, after a relatively quiet band year. We recruited the excellent Atom Robinson to the band. He has thus far fitted into the shape that was left for him and I have no doubt will bring great ideas and challenges to myself and Pete. We’ll have shows coming up in the spring and will let you know as soon as they’re confirmed.

Lastly, we’ve been holding on to a setlist staple, Keep Off The Rain, which had been recorded during the Kidder’s Son sessions. That finally got released today - You can go find it here, or anywhere you prefer to get your music. We love this track, but handily enough, it didn’t feel like it came from the same sessions, so it ended up sitting nicely on its own, as a single of sorts.


Now that we’ll be playing a number of gigs in the months to come, we have a video we’ve been sitting on, waiting for the right moment, and early 2019 will be that right moment. We’ll let you know when that’s going to launch.

For now, I just know 2019 is going to bring creativity, joy, hard work and plenty of rest. Be good to each other - It brings rewards more than you know.

Leslie Rich