My History Of The North

My History Of The North

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I think most people just consider me from Ireland, and whatever the picture-postcard version of that is. The thing is, I’m not. I’m from Belfast. Belfast in the late 70’s could be a harsh place to live. The music that political and cultural climate spawned was something a little special and continues to be.

At home my mum would be singing traditional Irish and American country songs and out with my mates we were blaring punk and classic rock from a cheap little boombox. Looking back, I can see how little pieces of all of these styles show up in the songs I write.

This CD is just a fraction of that musical journey mixing  traditional Irish, rock, punk and my own originals. I hope it inspires you to seek out other incredible music from my home town, past, present, or new.

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All songs © Leslie Rich (ASCAP) 2018 except *Copyright Whipping Boy Music, **Copyright BMG Gold Songs, ***Copyright Universal Music Corp. and ****Copyright Songs Of Peer, Ltd.

Produced and recorded by Leslie & Pete Boulger

All instruments Leslie Rich & Pete Boulger

Additional vocals on Teenage Kicks by AJ Swenson

Trumpet on Raging Sea by Trevor Mursan

Photography by Crystal Liepa

Design & Illustrations by Jen Rich