Geek Love - CD, or Digital Download

Geek Love - CD, or Digital Download


*Currently only available as digital download. There are plans to re-release Geek Love with previously unreleased material for its upcoming 20th Anniversary

The 1998 debut, 8 track mini-album from Leslie Rich and the Rocket Soul Choir. The 10th release by the growing, independent, Northern Irish label, Immortal Recordings, Geek Love was a rough little injection of acoustic, garage pop into a scene that was littered with grunge. It's eclecticism, although rough, was fresh. Live shows were rhythmic and vibrant around that time and sales of the CD were as far and wide as the USA and Scandinavia.

Immortalitied not only kicks off the recording with a danceable bounce, but was also a favorite show opener. Superhiway may well have dated itself in a world now filled with unfathomable connectivity, but is no less enjoyable than revisiting some old polaroids. The first of two solo Leslie songs, Geek Love is a wonderful synopsis of the classic Katherine Dunn book of the same name. The other "acoustic" song, The Problem, is an energetic stream of consciousness track, painfully aware of the contradictions of being human. Not Yr Ghost, is probably the most interestingly constructed track, filled with washing strings and hammond organ, making it much bigger than the simple three piece the band were back then. Radio favorite, Air Is Just A Breeze, just thunders along with an outstanding blend of Leslie's vigorous acoustic rhythm and the masterful piano of Brian Shankey. Rounded out with Unfortunate Story, a short, sharp, punky little "mic drop", the album sold quickly and earned the Rocket Soul Choir a reputation for being an exciting live band... even if that sometimes meant dancers would pull the chandeliers out of the Duke Of York's ceiling!

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