EP coming soon

The thing about bragging that you've been playing music for 24 years is that you do so only after you've sat down (Really slowly... with a hand on your back, or with the aid of the nearest chair back) and had a nice cup of tea. The stories inevitably revolve around the various pains and ailments you're currently suffering from! Despite all this, I do believe that the music we're playing right now is some of the most vibrant of my career. Pete and Jay bring plenty of fresh, irreverent and musically challenging ideas to the table each week and it keeps me writing songs to just keep up with their energy!

We're also pretty pumped about the new recordings - We hope to be wrapping up the first EP in a matter of weeks and getting it printed for your grubby paws and then getting out for some great live appearances as we reach for the end of the year.

We hope you love the new recordings as much as we've loved making them and please keep your eyes and ears open for a taster pretty soon.